The 10 best hostels in Havana for backpackers

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How to find the best hostels in Havana for your trip

If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, you must already be thinking of cheap mojitos, salsa dancing, colonial buildings and those amazing old-fashioned cars! 😍

Because we know you’re too busy daydreaming and don’t have much time left to look for the perfect hostel, we put together a little selection of the hostels in Havana with the best vibes.

Most hostels in Havana are family homes that have special permission to host guests, so don’t expect huge hostels, but more of a community feeling. In many hostels breakfast is not included, but you can get it in the house for 3-5 CUC. The delicious typical breakfast includes juicy fruits, a fresh made omelette, some bread and coffee. In some houses you can also find jam, ham and cheese.

Among the things to do in Havana, one of my favourites is to stroll down Paseo del Prado, a big street with many artists selling their art that reminds me of La Rambla in Barcelona, but less crowded. As you arrive to the coast, continue to walk along the Malecon in the seaside which is also lovely.

Another one of my top 5 activities in Havana is the Callejón de Hamel, a colourful street that locals use as a cultural space. You can listen to music, see people dancing and even venture into a beautiful art gallery. If you can you should go on a Sunday, when most of the shows take place. The best thing is that even though tourists are welcome, it’s a creative space designed by and for local people.

Some of the neighbourhoods you shouldn’t miss are Havana Vieja, the oldest part of the city; Centro Havana, where you can see the old colonial buildings and where you can find China Town and the vibrant Callejón de Hamel I mentioned before; and El Vedado, the most modern part of the city where you’ll find the popular Plaza de la Revolución.

To eat cheap in Havana, you just have to get out of the main squares and look patiently. Ideally, I’d love to always eat in local places, but those aren’t always easy to find. Even though some dishes, like “ropavieja”, are incredibly tasty, don’t expect elaborate meals with a million ingredients. Most of the time restaurants don’t have everything on the menu – not even in the fanciest places.

If you want to see the city from the top, head to the terrace of one of the historical and beautiful hotels in Havana, like El Nacional, and have a nice drink (or not, it isn’t required in order to see the views).

Read on for our list of the best hostels in Havana!

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  1. Best hostels in Havana for solo travellers
  2. Best hostels in Havana for couples
  3. Best party hostels in Havana

Best hostels in Havana for solo travellers

Travelling solo to Cuba is a great adventure, and it’s even better when the hostel vibe makes it easier to meet people! Contrary to many beliefs, Cuba isn’t a dangerous country for tourists. Locals are very careful with tourists and treat them very well, since they provide their biggest source of knowledge of the “outside world” and of money (at least for working class people!). Many Cubans speak very good English and will be very sociable. They will love to hear everything about your country and your life – in return, they will tell you everything about theirs! Between other backpackers and local people, you’ll never feel alone on your solo trip to Havana.

Concordia Backpackers

best hostels in Havana - Concordia Backpackers

The vibe and the bar make this place. A guest said: “A very sociable atmosphere, we met lots of people. The people on reception were really well-informed and helpful: Leo explained to me the queuing system in Cuba on the first day – really useful! We had meals and cocktails prepared, bought cigars and hung out in the lounge and roof space. Beds are really comfortable, and it felt safe. Not the best looking hostel but friendly, cheap and great for solo travellers.”

Hostel highlights:

  • Great vibe
  • Bar
  • Terrace

🏠 Address: Concordia 476, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Concordia Backpackers now


DRobles Backpackers

best hostels in havana - DRobles Backpackers

This colonial building beautifully restored in 2009 is a gem for solo travellers. It’s located in Havana Centro, where you can find many attractions like the Capitolio, the Malecon and the Paseo del Prado. The guests say it’s super easy to meet people, the staff are very helpful and the location is just exceptional.

Hostel highlights:

  • Great staff
  • Even better vibe
  • Restored facilities

🏠 Address: San Rafael, 870 b, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Havana Centro

Book your stay at DRobles Backpackers now

Enzo’s Backpackers

best hostels in havana - Enzo’s Backpackers

Enzo and his mum, the owners, are very loved by our backpacker community. They’ve helped many backpackers to explore Havana and even to continue their trip around Cuba by giving good and wise advice. The hostel is very close to Plaza de la Revolución, a must see in Havana.

Hostel highlights:

  • Welcoming staff
  • International, friendly vibe
  • Very clean

🏠 Address: 20 de Mayo Ave, 426 10th floor apt. 101, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Vedado

Book your stay at Enzo’s Backpackers now


Nilda’s Backpackers

best hostels in havana - Nilda’s Backpackers

Sounds like a dream come true: “Had a blast in Havana, and you really can’t pick a better place for value than this hostel. Nilda and Denise (Nilda’s daughter) are very welcoming and take care of you. The place is right next to the baseball stadium (Estadio Latino) and it is a quick 10 minutes in a cab to Old Havana. The area is also very safe at practically any time of night. It’s also a good spot to meet other travellers. I would stay here again”.

Hostel highlights:

  • Staff speak very good English
  • Great vibe
  • Cheap breakfast

🏠 Address: 20 de Mayo no.428 Piso 7, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Vedado

Book your stay at Nilda’s Backpackers now


Best hostels in Havana for couples

Is there a better way of backpacking than enjoying the social vibe of a hostel WITH your partner? After a busy evening having a couple cocktails watching live jazz with your hostel friends, you can go back to your private room in these Havana hostels:

Hostal Corazón del Mundo

best hostels in havana - Hostal Corazón del Mundo

Breakfast on the terrace, lovely international fellow backpackers and clean private rooms in the heart of Havana, what else can we ask for? With the amazing atmosphere of this hostel, it’s impossible not to make friends, even if you aren’t in a shared room! The super helpful staff will give you tips for exploring Havana and continuing your trip around Cuba.

Hostel highlights:

  • Amazing atmosphere
  • Mini bar
  • Terrace

🏠 Address: San Martin 768, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Hostal Corazón del Mundo now


Hostel Casa de Ania in Havana

best hostels in havana - Hostel Casa de Ania in Havana

They. Have. Wi-fi.* They also prepare killer cheap cocktails, which will make it difficult to leave the place! Luckily enough, you’ll be in Centro Havana, super close to almost everything in the city. Guess who won the award for The Best Hostel in Cuba in our 2019 HOSCARs? 🏆

*In Cuba, wi-fi is very difficult to find. Usually it’s available only in big squares.

Hostel highlights:

  • Wi-fi
  • Great vibe
  • Lovely staff

🏠 Address: Calle 27 de Noviembre (Jovellar) Nº 160 Apto 8-9, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Casa de Ania now

Best party hostels in Havana

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! 🎶 No, you won’t become a pirate, but you’ll probably ingest more rum in these holidays than you’ve had in your whole life. Are you a mojito fan? Or maybe you’ll go for a creamy piña colada? One thing’s for sure – you won’t be able to escape the staff of the following hostels offering you a classic Cuba libre.

Casa de Hatuey

best hostels in havana - Casa de Hatuey

On the top floor of a classic Cuban apartment building, this hostel has everything you need to have a killer time: nice people, a music player, and a bar. From only £3.91 you can have a bed in Casa de Hatuey, and the price is not even the best thing here! Travellers from all over the world gather every night in the common area of the hostel creating a little family of backpackers (yes, backpackers drowning in rum, but still backpackers). Located in Havana Centro, the hostel is close to everything but far from tourists, which makes the area super cheap to eat and drink.

Hostel highlights:

  • Very cheap
  • Great vibe
  • Lovely staff

🏠 Address: Monte 913, 4, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Casa de Hatuey now


Hostal Mirella Para Mochileros

best hostels in havana - Hostal Mirella Para Mochileros

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect backpacking experience? “Spending our last night in Havana at Mirella’s hostel was the best decision! We met so many travellers like us, we organised our night out and then met again in the morning to say goodbye! The atmosphere is really nice as the hostel is located near the university area and Mirella has lots of maps with details on how long it takes to walk to certain restaurants, clubs etc. Prices are really affordable, and the place feels homely and welcoming.”

Hostel highlights:

  • Incredible host
  • Good vibe
  • Amazing location

🏠 Address: Calle San Miguel, 1015 Altos, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Hostal Mirella Para Mochileros now


Rolando’s Backpacker

best hostels in havana - Rolando’s Backpacker

The rooftop bar of this hostel fills every night with a great atmosphere. Guests love this hostel because it feels like home. It’s not in a touristy area, but it’s 5 minutes walking to the Malecon and 15 to Old Havana. They offer delicious breakfast and dinner at a very good price!

Hostel highlights

  • Rooftop terrace with bar
  • Great vibe
  • Personal lockers

🏠 Address: San Miguel, 567, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Rolando’s Backpacker now


Paradise Hostel Backpacker

best hostels in havana - Paradise Hostel Backpacker

This beautiful colonial building in Centro Havana is close to everything you might need, including bars and places to dance! There is a terrace with a bar, which makes it super easy to make new friends to party with. They offer a delicious breakfast for 3 CUC (sometimes with homemade jam!).

Hostel highlights:

  • Terrace with bar
  • Lovely staff
  • Clean

🏠 Address: San Miguel, 561, Havana, Cuba

🏘 Neighbourhood: Centro Havana

Book your stay at Paradise Hostel Backpacker now


Did you decide where to stay on your trip to Havana? Have you already been to any of these hostels? How was it? Let us know in the comments!

Have a great trip to Cuba!

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